With respect to the relation ‘x divides y’, which of…


With respect to the relation ‘x divides y’, which of the following sets are totally ordered ?
I. {36,3,9}
II. {7,77,11}
III. {3,6,24,12}
IV. {1,2,3,……}

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    Anjan Dutta (anonymous)

    II is the answer

    Anjan Dutta answered

      how?@Anjan Dutta

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        Anjan Dutta (anonymous)

        in a set with relation x divides y, every quotient for a division within the set should be present in the set…in set II 77/11=7 which is present in the set and 77/7=11 is also present in the given set.

        Anjan Dutta answered
          Prasad Pisal (anonymous)

          but the ans is I and III.

          Prasad Pisal answered
            Santanu Naskar (anonymous)

            Here ans is 1 and 3…. because it is Total ordered set

            Santanu Naskar answered
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