Which data structure has the fastest insertion procedure


Which data structure has the fastest insertion procedure?
A) Binary search tree
B) Ordered array
C) Heap
D) Unordered linked list
E) Ordered linked list

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    Ganesh (anonymous)

    to all who is with option a) why you are not considering the case when BST is left skewed or right skewed then its insertion time is O(N)
    why You are going with BST

    Ganesh answered
      Satyajit Bhadange (anonymous)

      Complexity of A can be O(n) if skew tree
      Complexity of B will be O(n)
      Complexity of Heap O(log n)
      Complexity of D O(1)
      Complexity of E O(n)

      Satyajit Bhadange answered
        Anupriya Anu (anonymous)

        its a

        Anupriya Anu answered
          Satyajit Bhadange (anonymous)

          A cant be the answer…on an average insertion in binary tree takes log n time…and in worst case it will take n comparisons….Correct ans is D as in unordered list element can be inserted anywhere…even at the start of the list…so it will take constant time to insert…

          Satyajit Bhadange answered
            Vaibhav Srivastava (anonymous)

            Satyajit.. its a) .. it is binary search tree not binary tree

            Vaibhav Srivastava answered
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