The language accepted by PDA is


Consider the PDA {q0,q1,q2} , (a,b) , (Z,S,A,B) , ξ , q0,Z,{q2}
1. ξ(q0,∈, S) = {(q0,SZ)}
2. ξ(q1,a,S) = {(q0,AS)(q1,∈)}
3. ξ(q1,b,A) = {(q1,B)}
4. ξ(q1,b,B) = {(q1, ∈)}
5. ξ(q1, ∈ ,Z) = {(q2, ∈)
In this ξ(p,a,x) = {(q , y)} means in state ‘p’ on input ‘a’ replace x with y (y can be a string of variables) except in statement ‘1’ in which ‘S’ is placed on Z.
The language accepted by PDA is
A). {anb2n|n>=0} B). {anb2n | n>=0}
C) {an+1bn | n>=0} D). None

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    Some moves are missing ,i will come with right qus.this qus. will not start….

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