GATE 2002: Relation R with an associated set of…


GATE 2002:
Relation R with an associated set of functional dependencies, F, is decomposed into
BCNF. The redundancy (arising out of functional dependencies) in the resulting set of relations
(a) Zero
(b) More than zero but less than that of an equivalent 3NF decomposition
(c) Proportional to the size of F
(d) Indetermine

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    Ankit Mittal (anonymous)

    its not in syllabus..
    but 4nf is used for that..

    Ankit Mittal answered
      Hima Mehta (anonymous)


      Hima Mehta answered
        Ankit Mittal (anonymous)

        i think redundancy exists due to MVD(multivalued dependency) Revise Gate – target GATE
        wats d answer ?

        Ankit Mittal answered
          Madhav Purohit (anonymous)

          Ankit Mittal: I have read that relational schemas in BCNF form are free from redundancy and anamolies…

          Madhav Purohit answered
            Ankit Mittal (anonymous)

            then y there is requirement of 4NF Madhav Purohit

            Ankit Mittal answered
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