Consider the languages L1 = {a^nb^nc^m|n, m > 0} and…


Consider the languages
L1 = {a^nb^nc^m|n, m > 0} and L2 = {a^nb^mc^m|n, m > 0}
Which one of the following statements is false?
a. L1 ∩ L2 is a CFL
b. L1 ∪ L2 is a CFL
c. L1 ∪ L2 is inherently ambiguous
d. L1 ∩ L2 is a CSL

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    Sonali Kapoor (anonymous)

    correct option A

    Sonali Kapoor answered
      Uma Mehta (anonymous)

      mam pls explain it

      Uma Mehta answered
        Sonali Kapoor (anonymous)

        intersection of L1 and L2 will be “a^nb^nc^n”.. which is CSL … hence not CFL…. therefore A is false

        Sonali Kapoor answered
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