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    Prashant Sharma (anonymous)

    Execution starts at the last begin (after (1)). Global x and y are changed to 7 and 8. Then Q is called, which changes its local x and y to 3 and 4, and then calls P. Now because we have static scoping, P changes global x to 6. Then (1) prints local x: 3. Finally, (2) prints global x:6. So A is the ans.

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      Er Raj Joshi (anonymous)

      wow is these question come in gate

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        Sumit Yadav (anonymous)

        paper out….=D =D =D

        Sumit Yadav answered
          Lokendra Rajput (anonymous)

          option a is correct

          Lokendra Rajput answered
            Rvj Bot (anonymous)

            Option a.

            Rvj Bot answered
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